The basic demands for writing annotations (author’s resumes): targets and aims, structure and articles

The basic demands for writing annotations (author’s resumes): targets and aims, structure and articles

The abstract (the author’s resumes) inside the periodical is actually a method to obtain specifics of the information of the write-up as well as the investigation results described therein.

Annotation to the post ought to be:

  1. helpful (tend not to include common terms);
  2. unique (not to become translation annotation with a literal interpretation);
  3. large (mirror the primary information from the report and also the results of the investigation);
  4. structured (stick to the reason of talking about the outcomes within the write-up);
  5. “The english language-talking” (to become written in high-quality English language);
  6. lightweight (to match in to the volume from 100 to 250 phrases), 850 figures, a minimum of 10 collections.

The main targets and targets from the annotation

  • Abstract is a brief review of a greater amount operate of a medical mother nature.
  • The abstract could be published individually, in solitude through the main text and, consequently, should be simple to comprehend without reference point for the newsletter by itself.
  • Reading an annotation for the post, the reader ought to be aware of the essence of your analysis.
  • Studying the annotation, the reader need to figure out whether it is useful to refer to the full written text of your post for receiving more descriptive info useful to it.
  • Annotation to the report may be the principal source of information in the home-based and overseas details methods and directories, indexing magazines.
  • Abstract can be obtained in the magazine’s web site for open public viewing on the Internet and listed by group research tools.
  • The abstract in British is definitely the basis for setting up the abstract in other different languages.

Framework, articles and volume of the abstract

  1. The abstract should condition the fundamental facts of the function, and must not exaggerate or have materials which is not available in the body in the distribution.
  2. An annotation structure that repeats the dwelling of the write-up and consists of the intro, desired goals and goals, strategies, results, a conclusion (conclusions) is motivated.
  3. However: the subject, subject, reason for the task is indicated should they be not obvious in the label in the report; The approach or technique from the job needs to be described when they are new or interesting from the point of view of this function.
  4. The outcomes of the job are described incredibly effectively and informatively.
  5. The key theoretical and experimental effects, genuine info, uncovered interactions and regularities are offered. As well, desire is provided to new effects and details of long term significance, significant findings, a conclusion that disprove pre-existing concepts, in addition to information that, inside the author’s view, are of sensible relevance.
  6. Conclusions may be associated with tips, quotations, suggestions, hypotheses detailed in the write-up.
  7. The data inside the headline in the post should not be repeated within the text in the annotation.
  8. Prevent needless introductory terms (for example, “the writer of your post thinks about …”).
  9. Historic recommendations, when they do not constitute the principle information in the papers, a description of in the past released operates and well known procedures inside the annotation will not be given.
  10. The writing of your annotation ought to utilize the syntactic buildings built into the terminology of clinical and technical files; prevent complicated grammatical constructions.
  11. In the text message from the author’s cv, one should use considerable words in the textual content from the report.
  12. The written text from the annotation should be concise and crystal clear, clear of history, superfluous opening words, general and unimportant formulations.
  13. The text needs to be coherent, disjointed records ought to stick to one another logically.
  14. Abbreviations and signs, except for popular versions, are utilized in outstanding instances, or these are given inside the author’s cv.
  15. The annotation will not reference the newsletter number in the selection of personal references towards the report.
  16. The volume of the text message of the author’s resume is dependent upon the information from the distribution (the amount of information, its medical and sensible importance), but shouldn’t be below 100-250 words and phrases.


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